Thank god for my simple notebook – it’s slow but it’s working – all of the time 8. When there is a bootable disk in the CD drive, a message should come up saying hit a key to boot from CD. It should be noted that I’m using the Adaptec SCSI cable that came in the R package – and it has termination at the end of the cable. I don’t know – but as I say I’ll try to identify the reason tonight – or maybe sunday. Another guy in here has almost the same system set up as I, and he has no problem with his big video card and the Adaptec R card in the same system

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I’ve just received further info from Adaptec support team – and they almost conclude that my problem lies in the vodeocard I’m using. I’m hostrair experienced PC builder and seem to have run into a very irritating problem.

SCSI Adapter – Adaptec – Adaptec ASC-39320 HostRAID driver Drivers Download

I have the same kind of set up, as you do. I’ve trid loading both the Adaptec Host raid drivers for win xp version 1. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. The bios of the R card comes up nicely – I enable host raid on channel A and disable host raid on channel B as I’m not going to use host raid on channel b – and I configure the two seagate 15k.

Maybe there’s some sort of conflict with the boot order.

I’ll have to dig in hard Well I took your advice Ralph and went out and hit the turps. Sign in Already have an account? This is for a Raid 0 setup. When there is a bootable disk in the CD drive, a message should come up saying hit a key to boot from CD.


Hopefully the Buck Hsotraid cna help ypou tomorrow.

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The win xp pro installation continues, I hostraif to the section where I have to decide where win xp should be installed [win xp comes up with a drive of 70 GB in size – this means that my RAID 0 drive created from my two seagate 15k. I had a similar problem and it had a VERY simple solution. I hope you have a solution to my problem – you may be my only chance – otherwise I’ll hostraiid to dump 393220 adaptec R scsi controller and purchase a more costly LSI mega raid controller or not run with scsi raid 0 at all Sincerely Dr.

If you use the other drive it hoses the system. Suggesting that I should move to Linux is not the right answer – please come up with some better stuff than that – I love my win xp pro – and don’t think it’s the one to blame in this case – may be I only have myself to blame, maybe I should blame Adaptec, maybe not I haven’t connected the Adaptec N card yet.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I need help desperately! So I see the light at the end of this long dark tunnel – but I feel the darkness is surrounding me right now and making it hard for me to think clearly and stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnell?


I’ve now tried so many things that I’ve ended up forgetting what would normally be the right thing to do. The installation continues – and win xp starts to copy files to the drive from the cd. Also you have disconnected the IDE drives right?

I’ve emailes this letter to the Adaptec support team – and I paste it here – maybe you can find a solution faster than the Adaptec group can? I’ve build my pc from scratch and tried to power it up with only my Adaptec R and my 2 Seagate 15k.

As boggsie suggested, remove the CD while the rebooting countdown thing is hostraud at the end of the text based XP setup. Hope this might Help.

I’d try reducing the system to as basic a config as possible and install, then add components one at a time. Thanxxxxx again for all your help and suggestions – I wouldn’t make it without you’ guys. Or sign in hosteaid one of these services. I hope I’m slowly but steadily going towards the solution to my problem – as I were saying earlier on, I’m a very stubborn guy – and I would have no problem using my notebook for a month, while trying to solve my problem – if possible 8O.

I presume you have to do this in the beginning prior to installing win xp up, correct? Can somone guide me please