I hope this fixes 2D clocks for 7 series reference cards. Reverting back to Quick benchie on Unigine at core with 8x Anisotropic, normal tess, no AA at x, used to be about , now is I’ll be the first to bring up my disappointment with AMD as they’ve really slipped over the last few months when it comes to driver releases. I don’t feel like I downgraded anymore. Still, I’m more than happy with the BF3 increases.

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You might also try a ‘have disk’ installation. Please type your message and try again.

If I move a couple of steps away for the area, it stops. But then a few steps more and I will encounter another area where the same thing happens. If in doubt, reboot. You could try using ATiMan Uninstaller.

Used DDU to catalysr all remaining parts of the previous drivers? Are you talking about the Did you use the clean install method?

Recent Drivers  HP DESIGNJET 800PS 42 BY HP DRIVER

Catalyst 12.11 Beta

I’ll be the first to bring up my disappointment with AMD as they’ve really slipped over the last few months when it comes to driver releases. I have no clue why. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. I think that will solve your issue with not seeing clocks in msi afterburner. I’m seeing about a 10 fps increase all around. Help other developers by marking replies to your questions as Helpful or Correct.

Like most installations that replace a newer model, a clean install is required. It appears Skyrim gets black triangles, flickering, trees popping up and then disappearing while my character stands in one spot. Reverting back to I had to disable ulps again after the driver install, if you haven’t found that out yet. I did have an issue with no zero-core before the AMD catalyst install manager 2.

Also, try installing the latest CAP if you haven’t. Thanks, but when i install the driver, it doesn’t really install it, you know.

AMD Catalyst Beta Released

Please enter a title. The answer is no. I used version 7. Please give me a link to download it.


You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Follow this guide and see if it helps.

Where can i download the catalyst beta | Community

I know the AMD rep on another forum suggested using it before installing the But it will monitor it’s usage useful fans speed and fan tachometer useless, they’re under water! How to perform a clean driver install.

When the installer is finished, it will have a log Reluctant to try these. So is this a driver we could install over our beta 3? Left at stock settings, nothing happens. Before we do that there are a couple of things we need to do.