Kitts and Nevis Anguilla St. To remove the dependency: APG PINhandy 1 is a handheld and cost-efficient smart card device that can be utilized to reduce card fraud and theft in the banking industry. Trusted websites required for Isabel, eGov and bank specific applications Error: Card activation process through eID My Isabel:

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The Smart Card Properties window appears.

Isabel – Isabel is unable to locate a card reader

If you use Windows 7 or lower: Open Windows Update and install the latest updates. Open the APG Smart card reader properties in the device manager. If the issue is not solved, verify if the card reader is detected by your pc or Mac. To find the list of all spg8201, click Find Now. Customer didn’t receive his mail to finalize his contract creation My Isabel: Before you modify the registry, make sure you make a backup and you know how to restore the registry if a problem occurs.

Install your Certificate manually Error: These include e-banking and online shopping, which have become everyday activities along with online forum apg821 social media participation.


APG PINhandy Drivers – Smart Card Readers with PIN-pad | ACS

In apg820 you are unable to locate the Isabel card reader. How to sign transactions? You return to the window Advanced Security Settings for Calais. You are not allowed to view Sent Transactions because you have a ‘Signer’ profile How to refresh a web page in Isabel 6? Otherwise continue with step 9. How to upload counterparties from my accounting or ERP software to Isabel 6?

In the Device Manager, right click on a category either one is ok and click Scan for hardware changes administrator rights are required for this. Make sure the card reader is connected and the text ‘ Welcome ‘ is shown on the display.

Is there something displayed on the card reader? The following steps aapg8201 how to manually download and install the drivers for the Isabel card reader.

Go to the following path in the registry: If Isabel is still unable to find a card reader, ask your system administrator to execute the steps below: Once restarted you can use the Isabel card reader.

Locate the Isabel card reader in the list with found hardware.

Inform your IT responsible that one of the following options can repair your Windows system: Steps to Reproduce the Error Encountered: The Device status will provide you detailed information about the problem. However, as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, fraud related incidents also become more prevalent. Next you can find some steps to solve the issue. If you use Windows 8 or higher: For information about the backup, restore and edit of the registry, read article of the Microsoft Knowledge Base.


The APG is not in this list. Choose open to start the installation.

Isabel is unable to locate a card reader

If you are in a domain, the current location is your domain name. Manage your contract profiles Wall — bank specific messages Login messages or alerts Warning “The version of Internet Explorer used to access the Isabel 6 software is not supported anymore.

How to make one or more other users sign a transaction?