It is not possible to compile playlists with the Jukebox , but it does play back playlists compiled in the included MusicMatch Jukebox software package. While USB2 is just now appearing, many computers are already equipped with the interfaces. Another quirk of the Jukebox control system is that the On button turns on the unit, but does not turn it off despite the fact that there is no Off button. With a large 2MB buffer the Jukebox is resilient to skipping. Our first Jukebox had problems with its included AC power adapter.

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Users could also copy files straight onto the device without any additional software, which allows the Jukebox to work on any operating system.

One 600 for PC and Mac. We took the Jukebox on long trips and used it in our Jeep Cherokee and the player performed flawlessly.

Archos 6 GB Jukebox 6000 Mp3 Player/hard Drive

The world moved on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Jukebox is rated at 8 hours of playtime when using the bundled NiMH batteries. This model is sometimes referred to as the Recorder v1 to differentiate it from the later v2 version which looks quite different. Up to 8 hours. NiCd’s also contain a highly toxic heavy metal, Cadmium, and can be environmentally harmful unless disposed of properly recycled not discarded.


You’ll want to get rid of them perhaps in favor of one of the headphones we list below in the Audio Quality section. We noticed no problems when placing the player in its carrier right side up. No problem If you’re among the admittedly select few mourning the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: Remote Control Coming Soon.

We have used the PowerLine adapter with the Jukebox with great success. We have heard that some people even vigorously exercise 60000 carrying the Jukebox to no ill effect; however, since the unit contains an ordinary notebook hard drive, the notion of banging the device around while the drive is running gives us the willies. Nevertheless the included headphones jukevos average compared with what you’ll find with other MP3 players.

Our player had version 4. In this review we will examine this device in detail. The price is certainly right. Also, like Archos’ other products, this is also connectible to a hifi with its line out source, which was ideal for portable DJs.

Archos Jukebox 6000

Archos boasts of a proprietary shock protection technology, but since the Jukebox contains an ordinary laptop hard drive we strongly recommend that the player not be treated too roughly. We tried to contact Archos to allow the company 60000 chance to either correct these problems or at least respond to what we have found. The Jukebox Studio was released Thursday, October 4, and discontinued in We then noticed a 60 Hz hum as we listened to music with the adapter connected.


In our HDTach tests, the Jukebox posted a random access time of 23ms. It is backlit well and legible, but the two lines of text are limited to 16 characters. The player is durable. The only difference was the 5 GB 2.

Fortunately, the Jukebox is updatable and Archos has been diligent in correcting most of these glitches. Firmware Updates Available Here. Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya by Ty Pendlebury.

Archos Jukebox series – Wikipedia

The volume can be adjusted in 16 steps In the last few years, the music industry has been dramatically changed. It also sounded much better than with the included pair of headphones which were tinny and had a pronounced lack of bass.

Sometimes seemingly worthless NiCd’s can be rejuvenated if they are subjected to a very deep discharge and then recharged overnight. Containing a 6 GB 2.

It wouldn’t be surprising, though, if Archos used multiple hard drive suppliers.