Then the cache is full about a gig or so and then suddenly performance stays at a constant low level. This might be a change in Update 1. James Cannon Master 1, Citrix Employees 4, posts. This is a situation I can reproduce on multiple servers with various disk configurations. Stop all virtual machines before you continue. I’m in the same situation and I have the same problem, someone has found a solution with xencitrix? What I did to resolve that was disable the vmw-ahci driver with this command:.

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And totally unexpected, because with ESXi 5 and 5.

Fix VMWare ESXi 6.* slow disk performance on HP bi controller | Johan Draaisma’s website

I have never heard plans to do so. Thank you for this guide, unfortunately it does not work for my installation: But what you describe with being slow at first, and then speeding up, is not what is happening here on ESXi 6.

Sorry, I have no other recommendation. controlker

Recent Drivers  ASUS HD 4650 AGP DRIVER

June 18, at 7: February 11, at 7: Hi, I haven’t found any solution to this problem. I’m a bit crazy in a good sense, but very good at what I do. I might do that.

Fix VMWare ESXi 6.* slow disk performance on HP b120i controller

Thanks so much for taking the time to publish this article! March 4, at Dear Johan, Thank you very much for the very good description.

You can get it from this official Hewlett Packard Enterprise page here: The downgrade to scsi-hpvsa So I assume the hpvsa issue still exists and requires a b12i0 driver even on 6. November 16, at 7: This worked for me as well. You could run a Linux distro that HP supports and then add package “xen” to have open source xen on host.

October 12, at 9: Note that I stripped https: I used five SATA disks and memory card for system. The reason for this is that the ‘wget’ program which allows you to download files directly off the Internet to the ESXi server is simplistic; it only does http: James Cannon Master 1, Citrix Employees 4, posts.


You should only run the software that HP has recommended for it. December 30, at 1: December 12, at 4: October 9, at 3: See this page on instructions on how to upgrade.

Solving performance issues with ESXi 6 Controlper. August 3, at 2: February 26, at 8: So whenever I need to switch, I unload the module, and reload it on the appropriate pin, and then run lirc. Find the 2 empty bays to put the new drives in, and slot them in. March 9, at I was doing some research on how controllee server performs with ESXi, and to my big surprise I found this thread.