HDTune hard disk performance. Typing on it is very comfortable. The keyboard of the Joybook is very good and does not flex. Many thanks to “Schutzi” for providing us with this nice review! The keyboard does not heat up much, even in AC adapter operation. Similar to a number of BenQ Joybooks to have come our way, the chassis of Joybook S53W was manufactured from a combination of high quality materials in the form of magnesium alloy for the exterior skin of the LCD panel and ABS plastic for the housing that holds the notebook together. Particularly during DVD playback because of the fan they are not more than a makeshift; the SRS- surround sound can hardly be heard.

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When external devices are attached, beqn screen resolution is automatically reduced to a beamer compatible format by the pre-installed Q-Presentation. The touchpad is quite precise and in the driver allows to set zones for vertical and horizontal scrolling.

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The somewhat silvery screen cover consists of a magnesium alloy and is very rigid. Maintaining the Formula Bearing many similarities with its predecessors in terms of build, styling and user ergonomics, the Joybok S53W is BenQ’s latest attempt in crafting a notebook that boasts a fresh identity. All tests are based on a fully charged battery approx. Many thanks bsnq “Schutzi” for providing us with this nice review!

Furthermore, there are bbenq any comparable notebooks concerning size and components, and those few are much more expensive. Left speaker, Infrared, WiFi switch, earphone jack, microphone jack, 5-in-1 memory card reader and right speaker.

Recent Drivers  BECEEM BCS200 DRIVER

The graphics performance is sufficient for 2D-games and old 3D-games like e. Particularly during DVD playback because of the fan they are not more than a makeshift; the SRS- brnq sound can hardly be heard.

Due to the choice of these materials, the BenQ Joybook S53W Centrino notebook is one handsome and sturdy product that should handle the rigors of mobile computing comfortably. The loudspeakers at the front of the Benq S53W are hopelessly under-sized with 2×1. Many special characters and additional keys, which can be found at an office keyboard, are also available on the BenQ, so that the appropriate indications or functions do not have to be called cumbersomely via the function keys.

Temperature after switching oo: Anyway, the value for office operation is only an approximation.

All benchmarks were accomplished with default settings, i. That works very well, despite the relatively small surface of the touchpad.

Unfortunately the running time during DVD playback is not sufficient for long films, but normal for such a compact laptop. Nevertheless, I restarted before each test deactivating all unnecessary background processes.

Designed for the trend conscious consumers, venq differs from most conventional business notebooks. Benq homepage Benq notebook section.

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The WLAN switch at the front genq flush with the chassis, so that it cannot be activated by mistake, and shows a light according to the corresponding condition, which is activated by the Fn-key blue: Beqn journalism is made possible by advertising. This works fine for me with 3 different beamers all max. The two USB ports might not be enough for some. The keyboard of the Joybook is very good and does not flex. Typing on it is very comfortable.


Thus the runtime might come close to the 2h-limit.

This is unlike many other modern business notebooks where you still have a hassle of sliding a lever or pushing a button before flipping up the screen. The energy scheme “DVD”, which 5s3w preset as default adjusts the peformance to medium. Read more about his opinion of this notebook Another design highlight brought over to the succeeding Joybook S53W is the latch-less design where the LCD can be easily flipped up.

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Probably the lukewarm air, which is blown out there, will not disturb a left-handed person either. Efficient working is guaranteed by the arithmetic performance and the relatively fast rpm-hard disk. The bwnq general impression is completed by a solid workmanship and useful software-additions burning program, music-player, imageviewer etc.

Due to the high luminosity of the display the reflections are hardly noticeable, at least with high brightness settings can be adjusted in eight levels.

The design of the BenQ S53W S53W immediately struck my eye and surely was decisive for my choice of this portable, fine laptop.