View 1 Replies View Related. All this stuff worked prior to a move to a new location. Read here it might be install order – thought I might try it manually. The Blue-ray I currently have is not an acceptable brand, so I am trying the basic internet connection. I’m using Windows Vista 32bit.

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I went into device manager and found the wireless card, updated drivers manually, and selected the folder I downloaded from linksys website to search for update drivers.

How Does Bluestork Wireless N Usb Adapter Work

I’ve tried manually setting it up but I seem to have done it wrong. For some reason today my desktop stopped being able to share media with other computers and devices. Everything was fine before the reinstall of Windows XP Home.

Tried 2 different brands, same result: It all ran fine and said drivers were installed. There is freely accessible Wifi in range public library – wherein I could concievably carry the whole PC and use their WiFi with their blessing. Her games work flawlessly. I’m using Windows Vista uxb.

How Does Bluestork Wireless N Usb Adapter Work

I’ve also tried turning on other media servers like TVersity and Windows Media Player and none of my devices can detect any of those either, so there must be something wrong with my desktop’s networking but it can still get internet.


I have no idea about what to do My roommate’s laptop connects to it with max bars. Both has Windows 7 Professional bit.

Wjfi connected the adapter and everything worked great. I’m working on an M that has a red X on the wireless and will not find any networks.

On-board Ethernet Adapter Doesn’t Work Mar 10, My pc has a on board ethernet adaptor that stopped working all of sudden The router connects several necessary peripherals – mostly wirelessly to the main PC and another W7 PC.

The laptop works wirelessly even when the cable between the router and desktop is unplugged and the desktop turned off. View 6 Replies View Related Wifi Adapter Won’t Work On Extension Sep 29, i recently bought a wifi dongpe capable of mbps, as apposed to my old 54mbps adapter, and an active 10m extension.

My wife’s desktop computer in another room runs windows XP. So my last attempt After installing and following all steps it said the software that connects was inactive. What I mean is can I have both installed on the computer and use one or the other as I choose.

Do I need a separate ethernet adapter card or a separate USB adapter card to create a different “channel” that would usv the two networks to coexist? I think it’s a virus, but my antivirus software isn’t showing anything when I run a full scan I use Malwarebytes Free. My friend has a DIR as well, but the hardware and firmware version are different.


But the PCI adapter will not work. If there is a way to override this I would be happy to hear it. Usb Internet Adapter Won’t Work? I doubled checked that the Windows wireless utility is disabled. All this stuff worked prior to a move to a new location. I can’t get a wireless adapter to work on my newly purchased desktop.

Then it will allow me to see the available network, and connect. I made a guest account and set it to WEP and it still does not work. I have cable to connect to internet, and recently bought a Bluestork Wireless n usb adapter of mbps, however when trying to connect to this wifi that appears onmy tablet it asks for a password, but I don’t know what the WEP or WPA is.