A real performance boost may be given by SSD solid state drive utilization. Compact business laptops or premium consumer devices. The subnotebook can be obtained for starting at euros plus value added tax and shipping. BlazingFire Created on August 1, The graphics unit can also be overclocked via Intel’s Turbo Boost function. But the existent docking port on the bottom can defuse that. I’m not sure what you are trying to do but don’t disable or delete your primary display adapter or you’ll risk not seeing anything.

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Dell Latitude e Weblinks. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. A drawback in this field is the high black value of 1. I only found that based on your model. Our test device is equipped with a GB hard disk that works with revolutions per minute.

Review Dell Latitude E Subnotebook – Reviews

CNet The Dell Latitude E is an ultra-portable that’s targeted at business users who need a small and light machine for use on the road. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Its operation requires a certain amount of practice. Please share our article, lattude link counts! The subjective impression of performance is impressive and several opened windows aren’t a problem for the hardware. The assessed rates are higher under load.


Dell Latitude E Average Score: We could measure even more than 40 dB A under load, whereas an according capacity won’t likely ever be reached during office use. Dell has provided the E for this segment.

Dell Latitude e Laptop Check Can Run Games

Please share our article, every link counts! Unlike Dell’s consumer notebooks that have a 12 month warranty, Dell offers a standard warranty of 36 months for its business notebooks.

The separate mouse keys can score with their clear pressure point. The maximum volume is impressive and the given sound quality is sufficient for podcasts or Skype conversations.

The Dell Latitude E is something in between with a diagonal of 34 centimeters You have to go back to the mains after 80 to 90 minutes of this operation. Equipped with an according mass memory, the Dell Latitude could for example skyrocket to points. The biggest variety of subnotebooks is represented with this size.

Retrofitting such a module for mobile internet access is easily accomplished. The Latitute E in Dell’s array is a compact The graphics unit can also be overclocked vgs Intel’s Turbo Boost function.


The Intel dual core CPU should prove to be a good choice even for more complicated calculations.

Dell Latitude E4310 Display Adapter

The additional mouse keys above the touchpad have a higher pressure point in comparison to the lower mouse keys. The minimum possible battery life can be simulated with Battery Eater’s “Classic Test”. Dell offers a range of various devices for businesses. The entire case however stays fairly cool in idle mode due to the high-end materials. A 2 megapixel webcam and the integrated lafitude sensor.

We mostly measure Our test device, with an advanced configuration without UMTS modulecosts about euros excl. Dell homepage Dell notebook section.

Dell takes a backward step here.