Subscribe to our newsletter. After that is done you should disconnect it from your computer and from power and store it in a different place for safety. So I buy full Acronis as Acronis say that wil do what I need. The much better option, usually, is to use the ability of the cloning software to make the new Partition it is creating on the Destination Drive as large as you want – NOT just duplicate the original Source unit’s Partition size – so you do not have to change the size after the clone has been finished. Can’t find your answer? If I restore this less than 1T onto the new 4T dive and expand the C partition, – I am surely almost there? A weaker but simple backup system can be done with cloning software.

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Computer upgrade solved Dell T ram upgrade? The clone is always a FULL backup so it takes lots of time and space.

Dell T RAID 1 HDD upgrade confusion – [Solved] – Storage

Lesson there for everyone to see!! At some point, however, you’ll have to delete probably two Partitions to create enough Unallocated Space to allow you to create a new backup that is larger the one of the older Partitions. If not, how do I clone it? Reading the Acronis literature, I am starting to wonder as to the real benefit of raid 1 anyway – I only need it for security in event of HDD failure, so maybe normal PC architecture with Acronis making a full image backup onto a second 4T dive but NOT Raid might be a more understandable and logical solution?

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I always do NOT automatically approve the proposal. Each such clone can be done as a separate Partition created on that external unit.

The last is first. Now, a Clone copy means that the software will copy absolutely everything from the Source unit to the Destination unit, including the details of the Partition Table and the Master Boot Record. I have a Dell T configured new with two WD 1T hard drives when new, which are getting a bit full. Before you go further, you should read more and understand what RAID means. By the way, making a simple rakd without raiid change in Partition scheme will not allow you to use the 4 TB unit as one large 4TB volume.

But I am not positive, because I have not done this. After that is done you should disconnect it from your computer and from power and cell it in a different place for safety.

For that question, you should ask WD’s Tech Support staff. Hope this helps everyone as discussing with some pretty bright guys it seems this is an area of mystery.

You should connect it t350 you need to make a backup. More about dell t raid hdd upgrade confusion. But they also ASK you to approve this before proceeding. But in making a clone copy you can make its Partition only big enough to hold the data from your Source disk.

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Thanks Alan Paperdoc said:. Paperdoc Dec 19,1: There are many RAID types, each very different from the rest.

A weaker but simple backup system can be done with cloning software. The incrementals are much smaller and faster, so you can afford to make many of them on one storage medium – like your external 4TB unit. Then you have a history of backups over many times, and you can go back to when you are sure the data are drll – that is, before the problem that caused your need to recover.

Dell T3500 RAID 1 HDD upgrade confusion

I have not done this operation in terms of cloning a RAID array, but watch out for that size thing! I know it is physically in the box.

BTW – Dell are no use at all!! Eaid is this wishful thinking?

That is what Ii thought when I bought two drives. Your also should realize that you have a further complication. So, in your case, for the near future your clone copy from the C: It will limit you to 2TB. But it will NOT do this for the C: