This document contains information on the capabilities that are supported on the printer hardware. Check the print speed to see if an adjustment is needed in speed to correct the problem. Each division on the scale in front of the lever represents a label width increment of approximately 0. Use this list as a reference when adjusting the print speed and density from the control panel. Internal Rewinder Model — This option mounts inside the IntelliBar and can be used to spool printed media labels and backing paper for convenient storage or transportation of labels in volume quantity. Incorrect print head adjustment can cause problems such as ribbon wrinkling, poor quality, and media jam errors. Thermal transfer printing requires less print head energy and therefore increases print head life.

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Section 5 Cleaning and Adjustments This section contains information for maintaining the printer in top condition for continuous, error-free, high-quality performance. Remove the Standard Peel-Off Assembly Model 48 and To remove the peel-off assembly from the printer, proceed as follows.

Printer Data Stream The Printer Data Stream column lists the printer data streams supported by each particular printer. Intellibar Ribbons Model 48 and Model 88 1.

Platen Roller Center label sensor over label. Page 58 Setup Raise print head. Page Troubleshooting and Repair Do this adjustment and then run the self-test see Section 3 for self-test procedures. Model 48 and Model 88 1.

IntelliTech IntelliBar High Speed Barcode Printer 4×6 120 VAC 3.5 Amp Model 48TT

Make sure the label sensor mounted on the sensor plate is positioned in the center of the label and is not over a label gap.

Document information More support for: Table lists the control panel LCD status messages that indicate the operating condition of the printer. Troubleshooting and Repair Print Head Pressure Knob for Label Thickness Model 48 and The print head pressure knob is factory set to off turned completely counterclockwisewhich works for most label thicknesses such as the sample labels supplied with the printer.


Appendix A Packing When packing the IntelliBar printer for shipping or moving, reuse the original shipping carton and packing materials. Section 2 Setup Section 1 of intlelibar manual.

Print Head Removal And Installation This section provides procedures for removing a print head from inside the IntelliBar printer and installing a new one. Setup Ribbon Guide Plate Take-Up Spool Figure Threading the Ribbon Model 88 Attach the ribbon to the take-up spool with the adhesive tape on the ribbon leader see Figurestep D and turn the spool several turns in the counterclockwise direction to take up any slack in the ribbon see Figure In addition, this section contains warranty information that you should read.

Print intwllibar and print speed go hand in hand and should be adjusted together from the control panel.

Troubleshooting and Repair Some contributing factors to intsllibar print quality are: Printers must be returned directly to an IntelliTech International repair moel for warranty service. Fax Form Troubleshooting Intellibzr Form When calling in a problem or requesting service, please fill out all the required information on the following fax form or fill out your request online at IntelliTech International – Online Service Request Form Y The printer data stream is a host-based or Windows-only data stream.

Be careful when handling the SIMM; If you are looking for information on a printer model that is not listed in this document, please refer to your printer manuals, search on the manufacturer Web site, contact the manufacturer directly to determine what printer data streams are supported on the printer, or look at the information listed for similar printer models.

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IntelliBar M48 Network Series Printers

The four thumb screws should be moderately tightened. Loading Labels In Peel-off Mode Options Route the leading edge of the label strip downward from the label exit slot, past the front panel label ontellibar, into the label release paper slot see Figureand between the bar and plate in the lower media guide.

Page Glossary-2 facestock — any paper, film or foil material that can be converted into labels. If you have a problem removing or installing the IntelliBar print head or need answers to technical questions, call or for international calls. Attach the twinax or coax cable adapter to the pin port on the interface board see Figure Page Troubleshooting Printer Information: The printer is equipped with two interface communication ports: Print Head Installation To install a new print head after removing the old one, proceed as follows, depending on your IntelliBar printer model.

Limited Warranty policy and procedures are described in this subsection: This ensures that the label feeds straight through the print head mechanism without skewing to the left which may cause the rightmost printing on the label to be lost and possibly cause the label liner to creep over the label width guides, eventually leading to paper jams. Any defective Product will be replaced at no charge if it is returned to the authorized IntelliTech Reseller from which it was purchased within the warranty period.

Figure Attaching the Ribbon Model 48 and Close and securely latch the print head see Figure