Models using this product. In this case, the scanned image data will not be deleted from memory. Function Environment Setup continued Click on [E. Click on the radio button white circle of the desired selection item s so that a black dot appears in it. Total counter, Copier counter, Printer counter, Counter start date. Heat roller Density adjustment: Page Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter continued Use the control panel keypad to enter the page number of each title page.

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Display the password list on the screen, or delete the image data JOB by deleting the corresponding password from the list.

KC Copiers

Accounting Dept Fax or Jenny’s Printer. For details of the Scan Transmission Setting, contact your service representative. Select the data to be exported, changing the name if desired. Click on the radio button white circle of the desired selection item s so that a black dot appears in it.

Toner Cartridge for Konica (OEM) – 60, Pages – QuikShip Toner

A sample copy will be output. Page [15] Call Remote Centre When activated, the Remote Diagnostics option is automatically monitored by a Konica service representative. Interrupt Copying Use the Interrupt mode to interrupt copying in progress to perform a simple job. Konlca such times, TonerMAX. Machine The touch screen and all the LEDs on the control panel will go out. That warranty will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, and we recommend that you visit the OEM website for exact specifications.



The selected copy paper size is determined by the size of originals loaded in the document feeder. Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder to position originals to copy.

Shake the new toner cartridge several times to loosen toner, then remove the toner cartridge cap.

Page 94 Copying Using Memory continued Copying of the reserve job will start automatically after completing the current job. Page 9 Contents continued Safety Information Section Originals scanned face up from the document feeder pass over the fixed scanner, reducing moving parts while improving performance and reliability.

Data Add see step 4. Until we can be sure to deliver the same level of customer satisfaction we can ensure in the USA, we’d rather not accept your order than risk letting you down. The Weekly Timer is a copier management function that shuts down power to the Key Operator machine on a daily or hourly basis, and can be programmed specifically for lunch Mode breaks, weekends and holidays, or any time the copier is not required.

Recent Drivers  DEGRAVA DP-8500 DRIVER

Did you like the over-all look of the site? When STD size special is highlighted, the popup menu will appear. Page Page Page – Making a multiple page signature booklet Making Trimmed Booklet Trimming continued Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad.

konicaa C opying Adjust paper guides to the SDF original size. Wait until the reserve jobs are completed on the secondary copier. Print quantity cannot be entered.

Page Page – Copying z-folded originals z-folded ori The Job Selection Screen will be displayed. PM icon is displayed when preventive maintenance is due.

Combination Touch to highlight the desired mode key. Machine 2 Work table provides a convenient workspace for documents both before and after Information copying. Total counter, Copier counter, Printer counter, Counter start date. The toner is non- toxic; Touch OK on the Output Mode popup menu.

Key Operator Mode 2 Touch to highlight the registered item key on the left, then change the information under that key using the alphabet keys on the screen.