So essentially the only Scene detection going on is Macro or not. When you do need to charge the battery, you slip it into a very compact charger with folding prongs that itself plugs into the wall. Summary Buy it now! A dial is a much better solution than a touch screen for this. In playback mode, an Easy Organization menu is provided to simplify image organizing, and users can quickly select an image to view by scrolling the thumbnails located below the main window, and then edit the image by resizing, trimming and inputting the text title of the picture. You can’t change anything here either, but you’re not supposed to want to, either. There’s no thought to making things inexpensive, using inferior components, putting a rubber flap where a hinged metal door could be.

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The camera will not only help eliminate blurring from hand-shake or subject movement by automatically initiating Mega O. I have pretty much the same complaint about the Panasonic FX’s sliders for aperture and shutter speed in Manual mode. ISO view large image. When you are shooting, a touch screen makes the camera a two-handed tool. That resolution led us to expect to see plenty of detail and we weren’t disappointed, as you might guess from our smile at seeing Braille on the fire alarm.

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No need to carry another cable with you.

lumux The FX exhibited the characteristically unpredictable auto white balance that has earned some Lumix cameras high marks around here while related models have been much criticized. LCD size at 3. But we were able to record even the highest quality movies with a slow Eye-Fi card, so it’s just taking a while to write. In a side-by-side comparison, neither brightness nor sharpness are quite as strong as we saw in the FX35, but on this score things are still appreciably better than average.

The incorporation of I. If the subject is moving, the ISO setting would automatically rise to allow a higher shutter speed.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX Digital Camera (Black) DMC-FXK B&H

This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long We did get blown highlights on one image taken at a nursery. Unlike the fire hydrant shot, these llumix were not central to the image. And at ISO there’s plenty of noise suppression which also, unfortunately, suppresses detail see the doll. Flash cycling time was above average at 5.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX – | Cameralabs

And, at the same time, good detail in the shadows where the mosaic pattern on the Hellas label is clearly defined. I would definately recommend the camera it’s brilliant for the amateur photographer. Or a two-finger stretch. Then you want something under the 35mm most digicam zooms provide.


Panasonic calculates that your can fit megapixel 4: Display options include two levels showing progressively more information, as well as an optional composition grid overlay. Warm view large image.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 Review

Best Digital Cameras for Wide-angle view large image. But there’s something different about Panasonic digicams despite the familiar design.

Technically, Panasonic is just being honest. Great wide angle view!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500

Plus the iA Intelligent Auto mode is a helpful shooting assist function that lets the user leave all the settings to the camera. So use a light touch. But using them was awkward because they aren’t immediately responsive.

Like its other models, Lukix has also equipped the FX with its latest Intelligent Auto mode which combines a number of new and existing technologies to detect scenes, motion and adjust the sensitivity as required. Zooming out across the full range takes slightly longer 3. Optical Image Stabilizer system compensates for handshake – the major cause of blurred images.