The result is a relatively compact game stick that merges all of a standard controller’s buttons into a square base designed to be held in hand like the classic gamesticks of yore. Unfortunately, the long stick on the MadCatz controller is much too loose and requires too much travel to make it usable with MK3 and SF2. If it’s an authentic Kaboom! The benefit of the better digital input lost its edge after we got tired of holding the awkward controller. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

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Because the game is a cousin of Breakout and Arkanoidthe paddlelike spinner is perfect for maneuvering the onscreen cursor from left to right.

In the final analysis, whether or not the Fatz Catz Arcade GameStick is a worthwhile purchase is a pretty subjective decision. In our testing we were much happier using the gamestick on a desk than in hand on the couch. Does anybody have one of these controllers still and have they tried it on the Paddle-controlled games? Don’t show this again. And while it delivers the same rumble ardade as traditional Xbox controllers, the GameStick isn’t wireless. I’ve looked up some stuff on it, and the reviews I saw of it were pretty lukewarm.

A four-way directional pad and ganestick standard A, B, X, and Y buttons occupy the other two quadrants of the front face, with some other required keys back, start, the “dashboard guide” button arcwde in as well. The benefit of the better digital input lost its edge after we got tired of holding the awkward controller. Not surprisingly, each one plays to the GameStick’s strengths. The MadCatz GameStick was successful in lending a retro edge to the classic games, but after a brief moment of gaming retrospection, we quickly realized that we were much better at the games when using a gamepad.


Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Plus gamestixk seems like the kind gzmestick item I’d buy, even if I knew it was only of average quality; sometimes I just get a bee in my bonnet with such things. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. If so, what’s the verdict? The joystick and spinner were more of a liability than an asset when playing traditional fare such as or. It took the already solid Xbox Controller-S gamepad design and further refined it, adding a pair of shoulder buttons, wireless connectivity, and improved ergonomics.

We’ve been wishing for a true arcade fighting stick for the for quite a while, and figured we’d see what the GameStick could do for the 2-D fighters the official controller is really not very good for.

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I didn’t delve too deep, though, looking up only a handful of not-very-well-known sources. KingPossum Follow Forum Posts: The MadCatz GameStick’s base is contoured so as to allow for some gwmestick, and has rubber feet at each corner so as to rest on a tabletop.

The main joystick takes the place of the left analog stick, and all the other face buttons on a standard pad are faithfully included.

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Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. If it’s an authentic Kaboom! Ggamestick purists, however, the experience is not the same without the controller these games were originally played with, the old school palm-top gamestick of vintage. That’s too bad; while lefties will likely relish the reversal, the GameStick’s final configuration almost feels like a mirror image of what would be comfortable for everyone else.

And gamesticj we see something like a version of the X-Arcade Joystickit’s pretty much the only option.

Please Log In to post. Like Pac-ManFrogger ‘s gameplay requires just a joystick–no buttons–so being able to grasp the ArcadeStick provides a more visceral connection to the game than the D-pad or thumbsticks on the standard controller. In the end I actually found myself performing better using the d-pad on the regular controller which isn’t of very high quality either.

Mad Catz Katz Xbox arcade game stick Joystick PC compatible W/3 Arcade Games | eBay

I got one free with a magazine subscription years ago. The spinner that surrounds the right analog stick turns rather stiffly, however. CoverlessTech Follow Forum Posts: TheTramp Follow Forum Posts: Likewise, the GameStick’s appeal was considerably diminished when we strayed from Xbox Live Arcade titles.