Rene December 24, at 6: Trak January 9, at Glenn C December 15, at Giovanni Lovato February 7, at 5: This was so much help. Before using your driver I was able to manually load ahci module but it remained unloaded after every reboot.

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It is always the same driver that is loaded the generic ahci driver. I already have thoughts moving to Esxj uhh. You really help me with my external esata raid ; thank-thank-thank you!

Thank you for all your hard work Andreas. Giovanni Lovato February 7, at 9: I’ll remove CD and smaller disk at a leter date. If this does not work then I cannot really help further, sorry.

Anonymous November 25, at Marvelll help would be appreciated Is it possible to create a vib for this controller? Sandro, Jay, have you rebooted the host after the installation? I did install the vib as described and rebooted the system but without any new adapters. Please see the blog post, section “Read before commenting”, section 1.


TIF Tomorrow: Custom VMware ESXi install with SATA 88SE & Marvell 88E NIC

But I have also updated the Wiki page now Anonymous November marvel, at 6: I did a list of installed vib’s and it is listed as installed with the following properties:. Anonymous November 29, at Andreas Peetz December 5, at 8: P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Class Anonymous January 27, at 8: However, I don’t want to encourage anyone to do this, because I want to prevent ambiguous forks of the package, and I think that a lot of people do still not understand what the package can do for them, and those may fiddle around with the package while having wrong expectations.

Avoid using a Marvell controller.

It says that the VIB is skipped marvrll some reason after executing the last line: I wouldn’t be here if it worked out of the box. Trak January 10, at 5: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Submit a new text post.

Marvell 88E PCIe on ESXi 5 |VMware Communities

Your explanation are great Maarvell you very much. Yes, old disks still attached. Giovanni Lovato February 7, at 3: The following is listed with the device: Does anyone have experience with ASMedia based cards? And please leave your comments and feedback below, they’re appreciated, and responded to. This was so much help. Spunk March 18, at I tried to buy another card but couldn’t find any compatible card