In reply to Crayfish’s post on March 12, In versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista , Microsoft’s Intellitype software is required to configure the behavior of the shortcut keys. The is also significantly quieter to type on, with less of the distinctive “click clack” noise that is common with older keyboards. As with most Microsoft keyboards, software Microsoft IntelliType is bundled for both Mac OS X and Windows, allowing users to customize the function keys and modify keys fairly extensively. Net and its accuracy. Vista is dead last in the Windows worldwide market share at approx 0.

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Can you tell me what is updated on keyboards other than more embellishments that would require driver updates other than Microsofts desire to use generic drivers and to develop a market by creative obsolescence? Use Question Naural such as ” Why? How satisfied are you with this response? If you can give me any clues as to how to have the basic keyboard which naturaal all I really want I would greatly appreciate it.

Yes, an older keyboard that did work on my Win 7 32bit Pro 32bit but doesn’t now! Such opinions may not be accurate and they are to be used at your own risk.


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard “. Posting this input from Wade which appeared here on September 25, Thanks for getting back to us with your solution. There are 3 types of key actions. Another innovation was the integrated wrist pad helping to ensure correct posture while sitting at the computer and further reducing strain on the neck, arms and wrists.

On the Natural Multimedia Keyboard, the status indicator lights for Num lockScroll lockand Caps lock were moved from between the banks of alphanumeric keys to a more traditional location above and to the right of the backspace key.

The Natural Keyboard Pro also included an nagural two-port USB hubwhich was commonly used to connect other input devices such as a mouse or trackball, but this was dropped in subsequent iterations. Retrieved from ” https: Wireless keyboards can be useful if you use your 60″ smart TV to go on the internet.

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard a Ps2 Ergonomic Rt Blue | eBay

No fix seems to be available just useless “Mouse and Keyboard Center 2. Show More Show Less. I actually didn’t use all the features ntural much.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. I’ve had it since November and never looked back.

Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard 1.0a Ps2 Ergonomic Vintage RT9470

I’m not a gamer but I touch type and it is like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t find a single one that states it is supported by Windows It should at least give you the basic keys. Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. Keybaord to main content.


Natural Multimedia Keyboard | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

Under KnoppMyth you will need to edit the following file:. Many of those keyboard adapters simply don’t work, hence as far as your PC is concerned there’s no keyboard present.

Does it do that? Crayfish Replied on March 12, Are you sure that the keyboard works? Well, good luck finding a keyboard with lots of features like multimedia controls.

I assume you restarted the computer after inserting the keyboard plug. See the link below. The Microsoft Natural Keyboard has had several upgrades and refreshes since its introduction.

Microsoft used to call that software IntelliPoint for its mouse products and IntelliType for its keyboard products. While the original Microsoft Natural Keyboard keyboarc feet in the front, the Elite and its successors have their feet in the back.