Your hard work and dedication is the fabric upon which our great nation was founded and centuries later, YOU keep the flame of freedom burning hot. After reviewing the current details and gathering feedback from drivers, they decided the program needed to be simplified and created a more streamlined process and incentive pay breakdown. Finishing in second place was Bryan Hutchinson, also of Prime. Then, be sure to connect with us on our social media sites to keep up with the latest industry information. The honorary drivers went through a selection process consisting of qualification, nomination from their fleet manager, and submission of driver information and essay. The three events were a little longer than in previous years, too.

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Bendix ESP is a full-stability system that helps drivers mitigate rollover and haartman situations on dry, wet, and snow- and ice-covered roadways. Check out the photo gallery on our Facebook page! On behalf of a grateful nation, I would like to thank each and every person at Prime for your role in making America great.

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The Prime Driver Advisory Board is comprised of professional truck drivers from each of their primary divisions with experience levels ranging from less than a year to over 20 years. The answer is yes!

Without you, I would be nothing.

Prime would like to congratulate this year’s winners and thank all of our trainers and instructors for their continued hard work, patience, and dedication! Click here to view more photos! Thank you for coming to work day after day, doing what you are so good at. Wutke took the stage once again to welcome keynote speaker, Andrea Turner. Inthere were female drivers. In a very close event, Antonio Davila finished third with a time of 3 minutes 24 seconds.


Prime News

Both instructors and trainers are vital to the success and safety of Prime’s growing fleet and Prime Training Program. I stood in pitch black darkness in the middle of nowhere the other night with a reefer unit that just stopped running.

If Prime drivers have an emergency on the road, the company can dispatch one marward their service trucks in the area to the scene to assist the driver. Growth is a good thing. We are very fortunate that each year we have been able to recognize more drivers than the previous year.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, Sept 2nd at the picnic. All event competitors will get a Prime Commemorative Coin! The company has plans to add three more service vehicles to their fleet in the coming months which will be based in the following locations:. During the reps, the drivers had to run to a cone about the length of a trailer and back every minute.

The way you view your job.

Christmas is a memory and today you find yourself staring right into the face of a brand-new year. My goose would be cooked if I could not get the unit running again and the chicken in the back began to thaw. Prime understands the value of their associates referring people to join the company and wanted to make it easier for those people to understand how they can earn money harman helping recruit new drivers.


InPeterbilt sponsored the competition and put up prize money, which was claimed by twenty-seven year old Randee Lewis. Finishing in third place was James Peters of Prime. The three events were a little longer than in previous years, too.

Prime Inc, North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company, hosted its annual banquet to recognize its top CDL Instructors. I am grateful for the men and women who serve in our military and emergency services.

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Sova has been a professional truck driver for over 27 years and came to Prime from another large carrier in after being referred and encouraged to take the leap of faith by her now fellow coworker Reba Hoffman, who she met via social media. The second event consisted of 50 slam ball thrusters, 40 sit ups, 30 alternating lunges, 20 slam balls, and 10 burpees. Founded in by Robert Low, Prime, Inc. The company prides itself on having an open door policy and a culture of transparency with its in-house and driving associates.

Pay based on non-spouse training.