Lack of memory is annoying though, it wouldnt even save a ringtone. Reviewed by Sarah from Scotland on 6th Feb Still got this phone, works great and probably still will for years to come. It’s done according to a Poly-Silicon technology, K. Reviewed by sunny from england on 9th Jun I think this phone is the best phone eva!!! The network reception quality does not raise any problems, the sound in the loudspeaker is clear without any noises. The number of such entries can be limited only by the amount of free memory Help — curios section, here you can read short information about each section and keys, ways of navigating around the phone.

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The phones looks outdated, the keypad is impossible to use, the ringtones, message alerts are the worst ive ever heard, the video clips only last about 10 seconds, the camera isnt up to scratch, the bluetooth connection rarely works, the phones reception is the worst ive experienced and quite simply there isnt a single thing i like about it.

This has wharp tested to ensure that this limit is not exceeded even when the phone is operating at its highest certified power. On the right side only a handsfree headset connector closed with a rubber shutter may be found. The function is curious and entertains well.

The screen is capable to display about 8 text lines, two service headers and lines with icons. The set is very cool and light. The groups can be sharrp as other possibilities there are 6 of them. Reviewed by Pete from England on 21st Nov I used to own this phone but i lost it at skool!

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The guidelines include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of the phone user and others and to take into account variations in age and health, individual sensitivities and environmental conditions. The volume of polyphonic ring tone is average tonesit’s not heard in a noisy street but may be discerned in the room well.

It has got fast connection with bluetooth and infrared but the memory is way too small to hold anything. It’s a pity that sharp don’t make more like it with more memory my rateing would be 8. The phone lags behind your key presses sometimes by several seconds. Although the photo’s tend to look slightly better on the phone, other than the PC.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity.

Reviewed by Brian from Australia on 17th Jan Looks great but it is the worst phone ever, not only does it have only 2MB memory. It looks good but looks are deceptive!

Sharp GX25

In each list 10 entries are displayed, date and time can be viewed for any of them. If a Bluetooth sharpp is active permanently working time with the same duration of talks will decrease to 2 days. This phone is good for leisure phone users and not for business people.

After few seconds this information will be replaced with the photo displayed in fullscreen mode if there is any. The pictures are very poor quaility especially the capture of colours for a VGA camera phone. This is much shafp advanced organizer than we saw in GX30 shrp a small text note. Reviewed by Ed from UK on 29th Jan Main review above is spot on – generally a great phone, very reliable and fantastic screen.


Review GSM phone Sharp GX25

Those ones who have ever worked with operator models shsrp Sharp will notice that GX25 is extremely like them in the appearance of the menu and main capabilities. On the whole it’s a nice set. When it dies I think I’ll hunt down another GX Tough as hell I’ve had the same sharpe GX25 for over 3 years and during that time it has served me very well.

The only thing I would like to have had was MP3 playback capability, but as I said, I got my phone a year ago and MP3 playback capability was rare back then.

But once you’ve uploaded the pictures to the PC you can delete them off the phone and make space, it isn’t really the end of the world. Number keys are average in size and have a usual motion, they rouse no cavils. Its a shame that ‘poor’ is the worst rating i could choose, as personally i think its attrocious. Nice 2 c so many people with good reviews on this and my phone.

Sharp GX25/GZ – Full phone specifications

Eldar Murtazin eldar mobile-review. I’d expect much better build quality than this. According to the manufacturer it’s capable of working for hours in the standby mode and 3.

A theme may be assigned to every note as well as start and end time, that’s possible to shrp a sound signal for an event.