The PR does exactly what I am trying to do with my laptop. Aug 13, Messages: Jan 29, Messages: You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. It has MIDI in and out ports. Is it possible to Connect USB 3. It sounds as if your keyboard must be kind of old.

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Just on a whim, I reversed them to see what would happen.

The laptop was purchased late last summer, so it should be able to handle it. On that organ, if I want to play a MIDI file on the PR, I have to specify channel 12 to have it play on the great manual, channel 13 to have it play on the swell manual, and channel 14 for the pedal part. Using laptop to load voices for keyboard. Patch changes using laptop.

The instruction manual for the keyboard is not very detailed at all. As you may have guessed, it’s not working Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.


The headphone output can be used as an output; Use a cable which goes from ypt-20 large stereo jack to two large mono jacks.

Using laptop to play my Yamaha YPT-220

Yamzha can businesses hire freelance voiceover artists? I plays ‘Bones, crumpets, coronets, floosgals ‘n youfonymums – gonna lern tubies next. I have no quick answer for the noise problem you are having. How do I connect laptops via USB cable? This allows the instrument to repond to external midi control. Learn More at fiverr.

Do I need a headphone amp to use yakaha cans if listening via a USB audio interface? It has MIDI in and out ports.

After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Check your local settings and be sure they are set to “Off”. Can I connect USB 3. The user manual gives very little information about the keyboards MIDI capabilities.

Use the keyboard as a controller for a software synthesiser: You didn’t mention what adapter you were using. Discussion in ‘General Keyboard Discussion’ started by gfolkins, Jan 29, See page 44 of the users manual. I’m wondering about the channel, because our church organ Rodgers has a computer PR that plays songs from floppy disks. M-Audio for example has had some compatibility problems with their lower end adapters such as the Uno.


Jan 29, Messages: I know how to save my compositions as MIDI files. Yamaha uses for some reason channel 9.

Using laptop to play my Yamaha YPT | Keyboard Forums

The PR does exactly what I am trying to do with my laptop. Any help would be appreciated! So I assumed this is what I want to play back on. For now, at least, I don’t care about recording what I play on the keyboard to my laptop, I mjdi want my laptop to accompany me. It wasn’t reverb I don’t think, because it was continuous, and the noise it made I would not want to accompany! Lawrie Pardy Member Posts: What ypt-220 of settings could I be overlooking?